We Care Act has been certified to distribute the President's Volunteer Service Award to volunteers who meet or exceed the award criteria.  For volunteers age 14 and older, you may create a login and start recording your service hours online.  Please follow the steps below and enter Record of Service Key and notify We Care Act you have registered.   Once your service hours are complete that meet the award criteria, please notify We Care Act to certify your hours – We Care Act might request additional records or prove for the hours, so please keep all the records for your service.  For volunteers under age 14, please track your own service hours (create a spreadsheet at home computer or use login paper) to include activity, date, people involved, and hours served.  When you start to accumulate hours, please notify We Care Act to create a record for you on the PVSA website and when your service hours meet the criteria, please send your record book to us and we will enter and hours to the site and verify to help you obtain the award.   Parent’s or teacher’s confirmation of hours may be requested for students age 18 and younger.


Youth Ages 5-14

Youth Ages 15-25

Families & Groups

Bronze Award

50-74 hours

100-174 hours

200-499 hours

Silver Award

75-99 hours

175-249 hours

500-999 hours

Gold Award

100+ hours

250+ hours

1,000+ hours


·       Register* your hours at the https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov (for age 13 and up)

·       Click on Track Your Hours

·       Enter Record of Service Key VSL-40760 to submit your hours to We Care Act

·       Submit your service hours to We Care Act.
Submit required report forms to We Care Act (please email and obtain from We Care Act)

·       Records of Service are reviewed and awards mailed when received from PVSA.

              *If you are not an active volunteer of We Care Act, but is interested in We Care Act's certifying your volunteer hours for the award, please contact We Care Act before you proceed. 

Honorees receive:

·       An official President’s Volunteer Service Award Medal

·       A personalized certificate of achievement

·       A congratulatory letter from the President of the United States


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details

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