Humanitarian and Cultural Trip to Cambodia:

In July 2019, We Care Act team took a trip to Cambodia. We explored Cambodian culture in Phenom Penh and Siem Reap. Our hearts were heavy and we were horrified by the torture we observed through stories told at the Killing Fields of Museum Cambodia. We were awed by the spectacular Angkor Wat, the beauty of the architecture and the cultural stories associated with it. We ate fire ants and spiders in our salads like the Cambodians do, maybe with our eyes closed at the beginning. 

We worked with teachers and children in two village schools an hour away from Siem Reap: Opening Doors Cambodia in La'ork Village and an elementary school in the third education sector near that area too.

We brought over 100 stuffed animals for young children, 10 laptops and four kindles to these schools. The donated electronics were installed with the WCA eBook Library of 1000+ English books at a variety of reading levels and the We Care Act visit included a cultural exchange and digital literacy workshop explaining the primary functions of the laptops and how to utilize them.

We plan to continue working with Opening Doors Cambodia and provide technology access and literacy to the children there.  We were particularly inspired by the principal and teachers' steadfast dedication to providing free access to education.

We are still fundraising for donations both in funds and in electronics, specifically laptops that are new or used but in good condition.

This trip was initiated by our team leader Eric Tong, through his Stem Camp at Hong Kong University the summer before. Eric Tong got to know a fellow camper Molly, an Cambodian, and learned the needs of the children in the villages, and how lack of access to technology affected their growth and education. Molly graciously helped us coordinate the trip, connected us to the schools, and accompanied us throughout our visit at Siem Reap and the village schools. Thank you, Eric Tong! Thank you, Molly!


Humanitarian and Cultural Trip to Tibet:

In June 2018, We Care Act organized a Humanitarian and Cultural Trip to Lhasa, Tibet for cultural exploration and computer education. We donated computers, kindles and additional 10,000+ eBooks to two local schools, and taught basic computer skills to students in a rural elementary school. The students, though very young, asked great questions, not only about computer, but also about American culture and american lives.  

We watched a performance of the grand Tibetan Culture Legendary Opus: Princess Wencheng, a classic telling of "the history of Princess Wencheng's marriage to teh local ruler of Tibet" to make peace of Tibet with Tang Dynasty.  The show was an elaborate spectacle with massive sets, beautiful costumes, gigantic props, theatrical lighting, and special effects, with Tibetan and Chinese musics and dances. A series of real mountains are lit and used as a background for the scenery. Two large projection screens on the sides of the stage that narrated the story and singing in Mandarin, Tibetan, and English. 


In collaboration with Color My World, we are inviting youth and families to join us and/or others in humanitarian trips. Trips include 1-2 weeks in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, or China.

Activities during the trips include (varies by location and date):

  • Building houses
  • Building schools
  • Cooking and feeding children and their families
  • Visiting orphanages and working with children
  • Teaching English‚ 
  • Teaching computer technology
  • Reading books with children

Feel free to bring your own projects as well. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Color My World for more information.



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