When we met the earthquake victims in Sichuan, China in 2008, we realized they not only had to deal with the aftermath of a disaster but also had to face the school work and the college entrance exam that followed without the resources they needed. Though they had textbooks for English classes, they had no English reading materials. That year, we started a book drive to send them English books, and continued these efforts as the years passed.

When we started refurbishing computers, we began assembling an eBook library to provide English reading materials to those who receive our donated computers. We also distribute our eBook library to schools and other organizations with computers but without sufficient reading materials. 

In July 2018, Rachel Gai, a ninth Grader, introduced “eBook Library” program of “We Care Act” organization in Kaifeng, Henan, China. On behalf of “We care Act”, Rachel shared the mission of “We Care Act” organization, stated the purpose of “eBook Library”, which is to provide the best English reading materials, and donated 40 eBook Libraries in USBs with total more than 40,000 eBooks to two education institutes “Better English” and “Small Peas Education”. During activities, Rachel demonstrated the installation of eBook and how to use eBook, taught one of eBook in the class, and helped the student practice verbal English. The students were very active in class, and asked Rachel many questions about eBook. As a member of “We Care Act”, Rachel has built a long term relationship with these two education institutes, and will promote eBook Library program in more area in Henan and other provinces in China.

We Care Act eBooks Library Description:

We have assembled over 1000 PDF books (our own books and free books available to download online), mostly in English at various levels, some in Spanish and Chinese.

We thank the authors and organizations for making their books freely available for downloading.

The authors maintain the copyrights of the books.

We are happy to distribute to any schools, non-profit organizations or individuals for educational purpose.

All the books are pdf format.

We have a file named Adobe-Reader Installer in the library for installing a pdf reader so internet connection is not needed.

These books and teaching and reading materials are assembled by the We Care Act team.

Please send your comments and questions to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In the description file accompanying the eBook Library, we included Adobe Reader installing instruction in different languages

Format: pdf

You will need Adobe reader to read the books.


To install the software from our eBook library, please click the file names "adobereader ... installer" and it will start installing the pdf reader and you can then start reading the books.

You may also download online for free from the website (http://www.acrobat-reader.net/)


Description In Spanish:

We Care eBook Library contiene más de 1000 libros para niños de diferentes niveles de grado. Por favor, seleccione libros de nivel de lectura apropiados para leer. Si te gustan, comparte los libros con otras personas que se beneficiarán de ellos.Necesitarás Adobe Reader para leer los libros.

Para instalar el software desde nuestra biblioteca de libros electrónicos, haga clic en los nombres de archivo "adobereader... installer" y comenzará a instalar el "lector de Adobe" y podrá comenzar a leer los libros.


Description In Chinese: 

We Care Act 儿童电子书库有1000多本适合不同年级的儿童书籍。请选择适当的级别进行阅读。
您将需要Adobe Reader软件才能阅读这些书籍。从我们的儿童电子书库安装软件,请点击文件名adobereader... installer,它将开始安装Adobe Reader软件,安装后,您就可以直接点击电子书开始阅读了。




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