We are currently collecting relief items/funds for Wildfire victims in California, Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina and Typhoon Mangkhut victims in the Philippines. Please see our corresponding pages on how you may help. 

Disaster relief is one of the primary focuses of We Care Act. A timeline of all the disasters we have worked on is below. To see our ongoing efforts and more details, please visit our Current Projects pages.

      • Wildfire Relief in California, November 2018. Please see details 

      • Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX, August 2017
      • Hurricane Irma in Florida, September 2017
      • Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, September 2017
      • Earthquake in Mexico, September 2017
        Please see updates here for our effort for the four recent disasters
      • Flood disaster in Houston, Texas, April 2016
        Working with Constable Alan Rosen and his office in Houston Harris County Pct. 1, we've sent over 500 stuffed animals and other relief items to the victims' hands a few days after the disaster.
      • Flood disaster in Hubei, China, July 2016 
        We are collecting donations to help the victims in Hubei, China to rebuild. We have collected $4400 so far and are continuing our effort. Thanks for our generous supporters and will appreciate your continuous support.
      • Earthquakes in Nepal, April 2015.
        Raised over $8,000 and helped more than 9,000 in hard-hit rural villages. Provided relief supplies, food items, books, computers, letters and stuffed animals for kids in regions where the national and international relief effort was not able to reach.
      • Flood and tornado in Houston, Texas, May 2015
        Collected and sent over 30 big to medium size boxes  of collected and assembled items (25-100 items each)of clothes, toys, staffed animals toiletries, etc., to over 30 families affected.  with 85 children each with stuffed animals and/or toys.
      • Paris Terror Attack, November 2015
        Organized young students to write letters and comforting cards and send to the victims in Paris.
      • Earthquake in Lu'Shan Ya'An, Sichuan China April 2013.
        Traveled to Lu'Shan and delivered funds and books/school supplies collected to individual children.
      • Mud Slide in Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China, July 2013.
        Traveled to Dujiangyan and delivered funds and books/school supplies to individual children.
      • Philippines Typhoon, November 2013.
        Collected and sent over 4,000 items to the Philippines.
      • Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey/New York Nov 2012.
        Halloween treats for the young victims, other items to various cities in NY/NJ,
      •  Tornado in Joplin, Missouri, Oct 2011.
        Toys for young tornado victims. Sent over 1,000 stuffed animals.
      • Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan, March 2011.
        Letters to Japan. 5,197 letters and total 6,746 include paper cranes sent. 
        Mainly Staten Island and Manhattan.
      • Earthquake in Haiti, January 2010.
        Wristbands and fundraising. Worked with Clinton Foundation, St. John's Church in Houston to send clothes and other relief items to Haiti. Later raised funds to purchase textbooks for a school of 328 students in Haiti.
      • Earthquake in Qinghai, China, April 2010.
        Wristbands and fundraising. Worked with OneEarth Design.
      • Hurricane Ike in Texas, September, 2008. 
        Collected Christmas gifts , jackets and books and funds for three schools
      • Earthquake in Sichuan, China, May 2008. 2008-Present.
        Visited Sichuan multiple times to deliver donations, scholarships, books, etc. and conduct workshops. Schools worked with include: Qingcheng Shan High School, 
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