Thanks for the kind support and concerns of many youth and adults around the country, we have received amazing responses for our Hurricane relief efforts previously and look for more ways to help those affected by flood and hurricanes.

We continue helping the victims through our collaborators. Our current focus is helping the victims through technology access such as computers and eReaders and books. 

We are collecting the following items (NEW ITEMS ONLY) and send to Mayor Turner's office to be delivered to the Bahamas for hurricane Dorian victims. Delivery date: Monday, October 21th, 2019

Paying it Forward: Mayor Turner Asks Houstonians to Donate Hurricane Dorian Relief Supplies   

HOUSTON - As people start recovering from the massive destruction and heartbreaking loss of life in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking Houstonians to donate relief supplies to assist those in need.    

“Houston still remembers when communities across the country came to our assistance after Harvey and we want to continue to Pay It Forward. Therefore, I am asking those who can donate to help with this effort. We will continue to show the world that we are Houston Strong, and Houstonians have big hearts.”


Items needed:

· Cleaning supplies (especially with bleach)

· Personal hygiene items

· Nonperishable food

· Bottled water

· Pet food and supplies

· Buckets

· Trash Bags

· Backpacks

· Mops

· Brushes

· School Supplies

· Rubber Gloves

· Masks

· Push brooms

· Squeegees

· Pillows/Bedding

· Tarps

· Car Seats

· Baby Formula

· Diapers

· Paper Towels

Update for previous hurricane Harvey/Maria/Irma Relief: we've received over $1100 donations and over 10,000 items.
Please see the end of this page for groups/individuals actively involved or are joining our effort.

The Pike School in Andover MA in partnership with Clean Water Blue Sky Association (Houston) have collected new school supplies and mailed 7 boxes of supplies including backpacks, crayons, pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, binders etc. These supplies were delivered to Braeburn Elementary in Houston, a severely damaged school allocated to a different location.

We have been collaborating with Color My World and Orange Country School District in Orlando Florida to send school supplies to local hurricane Irma victims and students from Puerto Rico due to hurricane Maria. 
Eric Tong, Grace and Jimmy Liu and their families led the effort in sending 3276 items to Orange County, Florida. Orange County School District had 700 families coming in from Puerto Rico and the students in those families have no school supplies.    

We delivered ~ 50 boxes of supplies, estimate ~2500 items including school supplies, clothes, air mattresses, towels, toothpastes and toothbrushes, soap, deodorants to Isaacs Elementary in Houston. This school has k-5th graders and students returned to school already. Thanks to everyone who have helped!Ms. Allison Eidson from Jennie Moore Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant, SC shipped three big boxes of supplies/shoes/clothes/toys for the disaster victims.  Eric Tong of Bellaire High School lead the effort to raise funds and purchased and delivered about 50 pairs of Khaki Colored Pants for students in Isaacs Elementary School in Houston.

We have been working with Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival in Houston to send relief items to Puerto Rico to help Hurricane Maria victims. Our team has collected and delivered over 40 boxes/bags of estimate 2800 items including ten 20 inch Box Fan, diapers, mouth masks, clothes, shoes, bedding, and cleaning supplies.

We have been working with Myra Roque and Maria Garcia in Houston and sent two trucks full of earthquake relief items to Mexico. Roque/Garcia families have relatives and friends who were impacted by the earthquake and they and their family and friends helped deliver the items to the victims.  After the earthquake, we sent 24 bags/boxes of clothes, most children’s clothes, shoes, bedding, supplies, etc. for them to take to Mexico. During the holidays, we sent additional over 1500 items including 400+ stuffed animals and children's clothes.

Dancing through Harvey: on September 7th and 8th, when all schools were closed due to hurricane Harvey, members of Bellaire High School's eMotion Dance Company, lead by Eric Tong and Gilbert Velasquez, organized all day activities at the Westbury United Methodist Church to teach breakdance to children. The parents of these children needed time of their own to deal with Harvey's catastrophoc damage, so they would drop their kids off at the campus. The campus was a big Harvey relief site, with many donations and volunteers. Lots of volunteers were there to keep the kids busy and interact with and educate them. The volunteers included the two breakdancers, who spread the knowledge and art of breakdance. Dancing was a great way for the children to expend their energy, as well as express themselves!

Thank you to all who reached out to us in the last few days. Thanks for your concerns and for your kind offers to help. Many people we have worked with, some of whom were also affected by the 2015 and 2016 floods, are severely affected once again, including the inner city school children. Many of our friends' homes are damaged and some of them are even taking shelter elsewhere. In addition, the schools across Houston and nearby cities are closed for more than a week.

We are organizing immediate and long term relief efforts and will appreciate your help.

Donation of any amount. Please click the button below:

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% used for the designated project.
Payable to We Care Act
2722 Garden Falls Dr.
Manvel, TX 77578

Collection of the following items currently:

For Long Term Relief Effort to Help Children with School and Homework:

School supplies

New/used but functional laptops (preferably 4GB+ RAM, 32GB+ storage)
New/used but functional eReaders/Kindles

For Immediate Relief Effort:
(For affected inner city schools in Houston ISD)

Air mattresses
Children's clothes for kindergarten to fifth grade (new or gently wore but washed clean)
Children's shoes for kindergarten to fifth grade (new or gently wore)
New undergarments
New socks
Very gently used clothing & uniforms,
Very genetaly used pillows, blankets, shoes for older kids or adults
Professional dress for impacted teachers & staff.
School supplies
Stuffed animals

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or need further information.

Five days after hurricane Harvey began in Texas, Tropical Storm Harvey refuses to go away. The storm made second landfall in Louisiana moving towards through the state where Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.

There were at least 30 deaths in Texas and the number is expected to be significantly higher when the roads become accessible. The Red Cross estimate that 17,000 people were in Houston Shelters four days after the hurricane made landfall, and the numbers are rising.


Source: New York Times

Collaborators and groups/individuals (with permission to list) actively involved or are joining our effort (running list):

Irene Liu, Jorryn, Raina, and Sophia, Berry Miller Junior High, Pearland, TX
Alexander & Amy Miao, Pearland, TX
Jimmy Liu, Grace Liu, Elaine Mo and Kevin Mo, Dallas & Katy TX
Laura Yang and We Care Clubs, Dulles High School, Sugarland, TX
Esther Chow, Eastern Christian High School, Ridgewood, NJ
Eric Tong and Gilbert Velasquez, Bellaire High School, Houston, Texas

Clean Waster Blue Sky Association, US (
Oriental Arts and Education Center, Houston TX (
Bee Smart Learning Center, Sugarland, TX
Young and Care, Boston, MA (
Bellaire High School's Emotion Dance Company
Pike School, Andover, Massachusetts (
Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival in Houston
Jennie Moore Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant, SC (Allison Eidson)
Color My World, Windermere, Florida (
Orange County School District, Orlando, Florida
Mentoring USA, New York, New York ( 





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