Humanitarian and Cultural Trip to Tibet:

In June 2018, We Care Act organized a Humanitarian and Cultural Trip to Lhasa, Tibet for cultural exploration and computer education. We donated computers, kindles and over 20,000 eBooks to two local schools (later in the summer, sent additional over 40,000 eBooks to other areas in Tibet and were then installed to more computers), and taught basic computer skills to students in a rural elementary school. The students, though very young, asked great questions, not only about computer, but also about American culture and life in American.  

We watched a performance of the grand Tibetan Culture Legendary Opus: Princess Wencheng, a classic telling of "the history of Princess Wencheng's marriage to teh local ruler of Tibet" to make peace of Tibet with Tang Dynasty.  The show was an elaborate spectacle with massive sets, beautiful costumes, gigantic props, theatrical lighting, and special effects, with Tibetan and Chinese musics and dances. A series of real mountains are lit and used as a background for the scenery. Two large projection screens on the sides of the stage that narrated the story and singing in Mandarin, Tibetan, and English. 

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