Helping Nyolo Hope Primary School in South Sudan, Africa

Through ASERELA USA, we are working with representatives in South Sudan to help Nyolo Hope Primary School with school supplies and computer/printer. We've sent school supplies, basketballs and stuffed animals to the school. Thanks to Charles and Davis Wang of Dawson High School students, we sent our first new laptop to this school over Christmas time in 2016! We have since sent several more laptops to them. Thanks to ASERELA USA for all their help in getting the computers to the students and teachers! All the computers were also loaded with our eBook Library for the students to read English books of all level.

The students were so excited to touch the computer for the first time in their lives and read books in the computer!  Right now, the over 500 students in this school will share this one computer in the classrooms until our other computers arrive the school. Given the condition in the country, getting computers there is a big challenging. We appreciate our collaborators at ASERELA USA for their hardwork in helping us get computers and supplies to the hands of the students and teachers. 

The teachers and students will obtain further training on how to use and maintain the computers.

Female illiteracy in South Sudan ranks the highest in the world, in which about 95% of the South Sudan’s population cannot read or write.

Working with our partner ASERELA USA (, we are working to help reduce the illiteracy in the population especially girls by introducing computers and technology, and sending books/school supplies to help the students in this school. 

This school is located near the Juba-Nimule highway, 60 miles south of the capital (Juba City), in Magwi county.
It is a very rural area in the southern-most part of South Sudan, not far from the border of Uganda.

If you would like to help the students in this school, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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