After the initial immediate relief effort, we continue to help students and schools in rural villages in Nepal where the devastation has impact the lives of the children forever. We would like to help with their education through teaching and sending computers and educational materials

In collaboration with Kerrie Savidge, a sophomore at University of Houston, we are helping the rural village of Sipaghat. Sipaghat has over 2000 people and is 4 hours bus ride away from the capital city Kathmandu. This village was severely damaged by the earthquake (~250 house were destroyed). Kerrie has been helping the villagers with immediate relief effort through fundraising and working with locals to deliver shelters and foods. In August 2015, Kerrie and Michael Retherford traveled to Sipaghat and helped the village with more sustainable effort. Through our fundraising effort, Kerrie delivered laptops (3), computers (2), and setup wifi and teaching programs in the school. She also delivered books, handwritten letters/cards (thanks to students at Elko Institue for Academic Achievement, Elko, Nevada), stuffed animals (thanks to Madeline Bethea from Minden, Louisiana), a printer with scanner and fax for the village school and children, eBook Library books for all the computers, ceiling fans for each classroom in the school, and a water pump for the villagers to get fresh water. We appreciate Kerrie's effort greatly.

We are collaborating with COMMITTED a nonprofit organization working in Nepal, to help restore books for four schools in Sindhupalchok. These four schools have about 1000 students and 31 teachers. Sadly, eleven students and two teachers were killed by the earthquake. 

The schools were destroyed and books were damaged. COMMITTED raised funds to build these schools and is helping the students with temporary learning center before the schools are built. The books we have donated to purchase will be used in the temporary learning center as well as in the school library. 

In collaboration with Nepal Development Society through Rajeev Tajhya and Dinesh Neupane, our raised funds were able to provide immediate relief items to 1084 families in the areas of Suryamati VDC, Nuwakot, Hansapur VDC-03, Gorkha; Baseri VDC-09, Dhading; and Tripureshwor - 1,Dhading. Most of the villages did not have national or international relief effort at the time when Dinesh Neupane and his group helped us deliver the immediate needed items such as food items like Rice, Peas, etc., or Mattresses, Blankets, Mosquito nets. In some villages, they had to walk or ride horses to deliver the relief items!

Thanks to everyone who have donated and helped! Your generous donation has made a significant difference in the lives of children and families affected by this disaster.

Please see details of the ground work by our collaborators Dinesh Neupane and Shiva Raj Mishra at Nepal Development Society:


Our amount of donations has now surpassed $8,000 thanks to the incredibly generous support of everyone from neighbors to caring strangers.

One group of these remarkably caring individuals includes the young after-school students of Ms. Allison Eidson. These thoughtful young student personally made and sold jewelry to raise money for the Nepal earthquake victims as their Kid Council's service learning project of the year. In total they raised an astounding $225 all on their own. We cannot begin to thank them enough for their generosity and hard work and are so grateful to have been a part of their creative and inspiring project.

Another amazing group of students includes the generous students of Elko Institue for Academic Achievement, Elko, Nevada. A class of 22 fourth graders each wrote a letter to children in Nepal affected by the earthquake and they and their generous school have donated an incredible $500 to the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. The letters and pictures are absolutely incredible and we're so grateful that they included us in their fantastic and heartwarming project.

All of We Care Act thanks them for their hard work and we thank them on behalf of the victims of the earthquake over seas. It is because of young people like these, as well as their phenomenal teachers and parents, that such a difference can be made in the lives of victims of natural disasters like the one in Nepal. 

And last but not least we thank all those who have donated to us whether directly to us or online. Every dollar helps and it is through these grassroots donations that we all can make an impact together! Thank you!

TOTAL: $7,073.18 from 214 individuals and families


Thanks to everyone for your generous donations and encouragement! Thanks to our neighbors and friends for donating to our effort!

Karen Yang and Lauren Yang, founders of We Care Student Organization, initiated the “Practice For Nepal" charity event which encourages young musicians to support Nepal earthquake victims by donating 2 cents/minute from practicing their music instruments. They have raised a total of $208 from this event! Thanks, Karen and Lauren! And thanks to all the musicians. Lauren and Karen are continuing this project. If anyone would like to be part it, please let us know! (05/20/2015).

Our youngest team leaders, Alexander (6th grade) and Amy (2nd grade) Miao, have organized many successful fundraising activities. Recently, Alex and Amy made a tri-fold and raised funds in their neighborhood. Alex also presented a Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort project at the GT Academy showcase night and raised funds there. Alex and Amy also generously donated their own funds. They raised total $500!

Thanks to Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America's Texas Chapter for hosting our fundraising event at its annual symposium on 05/02/2015. We raised a total of $780 at the event!

Our Nepal volunteer at the Nepal Development Society is working hard to get the tents and supplies to the villagers and we will update you about it soon!


We have wired $3,500 to Nepal this morning through Dinesh Neupane at the Nepal Development Society to provide tents, blankets, and other supplies to the village areas of Gorkha. Thank you so much for all you've done!

News from Youth Service America on how to help Nepal (

"Early on April 25 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Nepal's densely populated capital, Kathmandu. The quake and subsequent aftershocks have caused widespread devastation and loss of life, affecting communities in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. The disaster is the worst to hit Nepal since 1934. If you want to help, the best way is by donating to disaster relief organizations. Check out Red Cross Youth's fundraising guides for ideas of how to raise money. YSA recommends donating it to We Care Act (an organization founded by one of our Global Youth Council members and her sister, our 2010 Harris Wofford Award winner), Save the Children (a YSA partner), or another organization on one of these lists."


Great news! We've raised a total of $4,510.18 from 118 individuals and families so far! The fundraising campaign at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) today and yesterday had an amazing success! Thanks to everyone for your kind and generous donations! Big thanks to Glenna Vickers and VP Claire Bassett for helping us with this Nepal Relief campaign at BCM!

We also got great news that the plane scheduled to leave for Nepal tomorrow with medical supplies got enough supplies and left today so we are getting ready to send our first wave of donations to Nepal tomorrow to buy tents for those hit by the earthquake living without shelter in impoverished villages.

BCM graduate student and Nepal native Rajeev Tajhya is working with the Nepal Development Society to send tents, blankets, and other supplies to the village areas of Gorkha, near the epicenter of the earthquake. Current national or international effort has not reached these villagers yet so we are sure your donations will make a difference in the lives of these villagers. We will update you about it soon! 


We're elated to share with you all that we have raised a total of $2,956.71 from 89 individuals and families so far. Thank you so much everyone for your kind and generous donations!


We are working with Rajeev Tajhya, Nepalese graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine, and Nepalese association in Texas (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas) to collect emergency items to help earthquake victims in Nepal. We are collecting medical supplies which will be taken by American Red Cross from DFW by Gauri Joshi who will be leading 15 nurses and 10 army guards with 50 cases of medical supplies to Nepal. They are leaving from Dallas, Texas this Thursday (4/30/2015).

Below is the list of items that is absolutely needed right now:

  • Medical supplies (disposable gowns, gloves, masks, first-aid kits, ointment, bandages, dressing set, painkillers such as Advil, Aleve, Tylenol)
  • Antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, sanitary napkins
  • Monetary donation payable to We Care Act to purchase supplies.


A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Nepal a few hours ago (, toppling homes, temples and historic buildings and leaving over 1,400 people dead so far. Whole streets and squares in the nation's capital and largest city were covered in rubble. We would like to help the victims of this terrible disaster. Please join us in our fundraising efforts. 

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