Hurricane Harvey/Maria/Irma (Houston, Puerto Rico, Florida) and Earthquake Relief (Mexico): 

Please continue to help us help the disaster victims. 

We are currently collecting the following items:

School supplies for Hurricane Irma victims in Orange County School District in Florida. 

Khaki colored pants for grade k-5

School supplies, backpacks, clothes, and other items for Mexico's earthquake victims.  

Please see more details here



We Care Act eCycling Survey

After you get a new cell phone, what do you do with the old one? We are conducting a survey on electronics recycling, both to promote awareness of the opportunities available to recycle your old tech and to encourage people to get involved. After completing the survey, you can see the answers plus a list of links for more information, with the goal of educating people of all age groups and generating interest in a topic that is only getting more and more relevant. 

We Care Act eCycling Survey, please click link here 

Please help by taking the survey and asking others you know to do the same. You may ask your classmates, friends, and of course your family members, from grandparents to younger siblings. 

For team leaders and We Care Club leaders/members, this is a great opportunity to organize an event at your school/after-school or in your neighborhood (we have a one page paper format survey available).  You may combine the survey event with recycling education, recycling, and computer refurbishing event. 


Recycling and refurbishing laptops/computers/cell phones or smart phones/iPod etc. 

We would like to collect laptops, refurbish them, and donate them to schools and children in Central American villages and other countries. 

We also collect desktops, cell phones, smart phones and other devices to fix them to send to local orphanages and children in other countries.

Laptops have been delivered to schools/children in: Jiquillio, Nicaragua, Hunan, China, Sipaghat, Nepal, South Sudan, Africa, and Costa Rica

Desktops have been sent to Villagrán, Mexico, Boys and Girls orphanage in Houston, TX and a mission program which helps over thousands children in remote areas in China

We also helped an inner city elementary school in Houston fix and refurbish laptops for their math lab.

Kindles/tablets were delivered to orphanages and schools in Chinandega, Nicaragua and La Carpio, Costa Rica.

Smart phones were donated to students in need in Houston and in Ya'an China. 

We've collected hundreds of PDF formatted children's books and have been distributing to children around the world.

Teaching English in China, Nicaragua and Costa Rica:

In the summers, we traveled to Hunan and Jiangsu provinces in China and conducted English classes. 

We have distributed eBook Library books (mostly English, some Spanish and Chinese books) to over 20 schools in China and taught the children there English and computer technology. 

We have distributed eBook Library books to schools and families in Nicaragua, and distributed to other organizations to bring them to other regions in Nicaragua. We taught the children in Nicaragua English and computer technology. 

We have distributed eBook Library books to schools and orphanage in different areas in Costa Rica.

Stuffed animals for children in the orphanages and villages: 

Working with Madeline Bethea, a high school freshman from Louisiana through her Stuffed With Love project, we are sending stuffed animals to children around the world. In July, 2015, Madeline and her group worked extremely hard and delivered thousands of stuffed animals, a full load of a UHaul, to us. Those fluffy toys are flying to children in the orphanages and villages with or without diasters, including orphanages in Changsha and Yangzhou, China, earthquake victims in Nepal, children in the orphanage and villages in Nicaraga etc. We have also conducted service projects with youth in China, Nepal, and Nicaragua by interacting with the adults and children. Our youth groups in Yangzhou and Changsha China worked together with us and donated additional formula, diapers, utensils, etc for babies in the orphanages.

We've send over 1200 stuffed animals to children in remote areas in China through a program which helps those children obtain elementary or higher level education opportunities and provide a better life for them.

Helping Nyolo Hope Primary School in South Sudan, Africa:

Through ASERELA USA, we are working with representatives in South Sudan to help Nyolo Hope Primary School with school supplies and computer/printer. We've sent school supplies, basketballs and some stuffed animals to the school. Thanks to Charles and Davis Wang of Dawson High School students, we sent a new laptop to this school over Christmas time! We are working on getting more laptops/printer and send more items to them in the future. 

Helping Children in Villagrán, Mexico:

We have been working with Maria Garcia in in Villagrán, Mexico and sent over 1000 school supplies and two sets of desktops (with monitors, keyboard, mouse and software) to help the students there.  The computers will be available for students to do their homework. We will continue to help children in this region. 

Helping Students in Pearland, Texas

We are working with school district counselors to identify students who need computers to help with homework. We have delivered refurbished desktops to high school students. These students had no computer at home to do homework which is assigned to finish online daily thus creating tremendous challenges.   

Helping Refugee Children in Texas: 

To help the refugees from Syria and other countries, we have been working with Refugee Services of Texas ( ) to provide essential items for the children and families.

We have delivered over 700 items of school supplies and hygiene products.
Our team has conducted computer class for children and delivered 13 sets of desktop computers and taught the children how to setup and use those computers. 

Helping Refugee Children in Paris:  


We worked with a group of Yale students at No Lost Generation Chapter at Yale to raise funds and send over $1000 to help unaccompanied refugee minors in Paris. The funds supported children's daily lives, such as school supplies, metro tickets and phone cards etc. to allow the students to integrate to the school system in order to find their place in the new society, away from their countries and families.  



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