Eric Li

Founder, President

Eric Li is a junior at Glenda Dawson High School. He enjoys physics, technology, and basketball, and was named one of the top 10 national honorees by the Prudential Spirit of Community Service Awards in 2015. He has organized numerous fundraising activities in and out of school since he was seven years old, and has recruited many team leaders for the organization. Eric is a driving force in We Care Act's new development in technology and education and is always looking for ways to move the organization forward. Eric is expanding the computer recycling and refurbishing programs to other states and extending the outreach programs to Africa and South America.


Grace Li

Founder, CEO

Grace is a senior at Duke University and an Angier B. Duke scholar. She is passionate about community service, science, and education and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Among her many achievements, Grace won the Harris Wofford Youth Award in 2010 (Youth Service America), was part of the All-America Service Team in 2011 (GenerationOn and PARADE Magazine), and was named the 25 Most Powerful and Influential Youth in the World in 2013 (Youth Service America). Grace's drive provides direction and vision for We Care Act, helping the organization evolve and expand, and she devotes herself to coordinating projects, recruiting team leaders, and involving youth in community service.


Sharon Li

Founder, President

Sharon is a sophomore at Yale University majoring in Global Affairs. She has a passion for service learning and community service, and is one of ten on Youth Service America's Global Youth Council. Sharon won the Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award in 2009, was named as the Texas Winner of the Prudential Spirit of Community Service Award in 2011, and was selected for the Radio Disney's Hero for Change Award in 2013. Her dedication to We Care Act has manifested itself in her communication with other organizations, creation of newsletters/publications, and implementation of English and service workshops. Sharon has both started and expanded We Care clubs and club organizations and is working hard to provide service and service learning to youth worldwide.


Jimmy Liu

Director of Technology

Jimmy is a junior at Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science-UNT. He has a passion for community service, computer science, business. He believes that we should help people regardless of religion,race,color and nationality. He loves music,dance and enjoys playing violin. He self-taught how to check and assemble computers and wipes hard drives. He is one of the project leaders for We Care Act computer recycling and refurbishing program. He started We Care Act branch in Katy to help expand electronics recycling drives and refurbishing workshops. He is responsible for maintaining We Care Act web site. In process of maintaining the web site he have learned that innovation and new ideas are crucial to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technologies. He is also leading a group of children who are passionate about the music to give the free concerts in nursing homes, senior houses, memory care facilities, hospitals and community centers throughout the greater Houston area.


Melody Voo

Melody is a junior at Glenda Dawson High School. She is friendly, efficient, analytic, and athletic. She enjoys playing the violin, hanging out with friends, playing tennis, volunteering, reading, and "youtubing". Ever since she was small, she was taught to give to others who were not as fortunate. This past summer, Melody has lead a group of young violinists to perform at a hospital and nursing home.





Charles Wang

Charles Wang is a senior at Glenda Dawson High School. He has engaged in a plethora of volunteering opportunities, dedicating much time to helping the disabled and elderly, and volunteering in hospitals. An advocate for computer literacy and an avid community member, Charles had helped lead the computer outreach program in teaching the younger generation the function of computers in today’s society. In addition to being a key part of many previous activities, Charles has also taken initiative in organizing donation collecting efforts in helping tornado and flood victims in Houston in 2015 and 2016 .

Valerie Huang


Valerie is a student at Texas A&M Kingsville majoring in Accounting. She has a passion for community service and helping others.

Alexander Miao

Alexander Miao is a 6th grader in the GT Academy at Sablatura Middle School. Alex has been an active leader in community service since he was just six years old. He was actively involved in the Sichuan earthquake relief effort and visited Sichuan the year after the earthquake occurred. That year, Alex and his family visited Sichuan on behalf of We Care Act and made connections with Qingcheng Shan High School which we established a collaboration. Since then, Alex has been actively involved in almost all the disaster relief effort We Care Act has been conducting. Alex has a great passion for science, has lots of knowledge on the history of the world, and thinks that all people should be helped and cared for, even if they are different from each other.

Linxiao Li

B.A. Education Program Director (China)

Linxiao is an English teacher in Qingcheng Shan High School, Dujiangyan, Sichuan. Linxiao and her students experienced the devastating earthquake in 2008 and have gone through the tough rebuilding process firsthand. Since 2009, Linxiao has been working with We Care Act to help the students in Dujiangyan in various areas, including improving the students' English and empowering them with tools to help others, as part of We Care Act's goal to help "pay it forward," an idea that was in fact sparked by Linxiao and her students.

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