We Care Act is a youth-led, nonprofit organization founded by Grace, Sharon, and Eric Li in 2008. After seeing the devastating footage of the Sichuan Earthquake in May '08, the siblings (then 12, 10, and 7) decided they had to do something. They began with creating newsletters and going door-to-door collecting donations, and eventually signed up with the local Red Cross to place donation tins at their three schools, as well as stationing themselves at community centers and after-schools. Within a few months, they had recruited friends to their cause, made three more issues of their Earthquake Act newsletter, and raised over $6,000.

At the end of the summer, their family arranged a trip to Sichuan, where the siblings met with some of the earthquake victims their own age. The three of them presented the children with their donations, but their experience in Sichuan showed them how much more still needed to be done, and when they came back, We Care Act was born.

We Care Act's original mission was to help disaster victims, but as it grew and expanded, and the siblings realized how many others wanted to get involved in community service but didn't know how, another clause was added. Today, We Care Act is dedicated to disaster relief and engaging others to make a difference in the world.

To do so, We Care Act partners with numerous other local, national, and international organizations including Youth Service America, GenerationOn, the President's Volunteer Service Award, Dosomething.org etc. We Care Act has team leaders and volunteers in over 20 cities of the U.S. and three other countries: Canada, Singapore, and China. Besides working with local organizations and local, national, and international team leaders, We Care Act aims to provide opportunities to more global youth including those who traditionally don't have access to them. We Care Act leaders traveled to Sichuan, China multiple times and worked with students there (the 2008 earthquake victims) to exchange ideas, facilitate global understanding, and help the students learn English. Many of these students went to colleges and become leaders of their own communities.

The programs at We Care Act specifically target youth, but people of all ages are welcome. The We Care Act program is designed to provide free service opportunities to ensure that everyone who wants to can serve and make a difference, regardless of background, age, income, gender, etc., and provides portfolio and essential training to any youth who is interested in serving, from door-to-door collection to organizing school-wide fundraising activities.

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