Welcome to We Care Act, a non-profit organization where kids help other kids recover from a natural disaster!

"To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world" - Anonymous

Three days after the Sichuan, China earthquake of 2008, Grace, Sharon, and Eric Li—then 12, 10, and 7 years old respectively—launched a relief campaign in their community, writing newsletters and collecting over $6,000, most of it door-to-door. Since then, their local efforts have gone global.


We Care Act is  a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It started out as a response to the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 but since then, through our visits and interactions with students who have suffered so immensely, we’ve realized there are many needs that still must be met. Our organization is designed to do its best to meet these needs. Our goal is to lend a helping hand to these kids and let them know that other people, whether their own age or not or a next door neighbor or across the globe, care about them. While it was initially a small disaster relief campaign, it is now an international organization aimed towards not only aiding those suffering from disaster, but also towards advocating service-learning in order to help make other young people’s dreams of changing the world into a reality. Through We Care Act, over $211,000 in funds and in-kind donations has been raised for 32,000 victims of 11 natural disasters through the engagement of more than 30,000 young people in 17 countries (e.g. China, Spain, Sweden, France, Russia, the Netherlands, and Taiwan).
We Care Act was selected as one of the Top Ten Youth Task Forces in 2010 by the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy and the founders were named MSN 16 incredible kids saving the world in 2013.



Our Mission:

To help school children recover from disasters and to engage youth around the world to help others in need.



What We Do:

  • We Care Act works with individual student or schools after a natural disaster to send donations and books/school supplies to students there.  
  • We Care Act stays connected with the students through newsletters and workshops and help them further and try to engage the students to help their own community;  
  • We Care Act works with youth or schools around the world to provide opportunities for them to help others in need; 
    We Care Act achieves the above goals through the following strategies:
  • Develops programs, such as English workshop, mentoring program, scholarship program, grant etc. to engage youth to help others.
  • Works with youth around the world to find their own passion.
  • Raises funds and collect items (books, school supplies, etc.) to help the students in need.
  • Works with other global organizations such as Youth Service America, Global Youth Service Day, President’s Volunteer Service Award, GenerationOn, Dosomething.org, etc. to engage and inspire youth.



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